Annual Benefit 2018


   Debbie Harry, Max’s Kansas City, NYC - 1976     by Bob Gruen

Debbie Harry, Max’s Kansas City, NYC - 1976 by Bob Gruen

Save the dates for the
8th annual PROOF benefit auction!

Live on Paddle8 from September 27
through October 11, 2018.

Don't miss this chance to acquire fantastic works of art by celebrated artists including:

Janette Beckman
Dawoud Bey
Frank Dituri
Cheryl Goldsleger
Bob Gruen
Rebecca Miller
Martin Munkasci
Christopher Orchard
Cordy Ryman
Shelter Serra
Joan Snyder
Jessica Stockholder
Stephen Wilkes
and many others.

Proceeds will benefit our work in visual storytelling & human rights advocacy!

You can also donate to PROOF today. Click on the button below to contribute to our programming.

PROOF: Media for Social Justice is a non-profit organization based in New York City that uses visual storytelling and education to inspire global attitude and policy changes.

Benefit Committee
Barbara Gordon
Fran Kaufman
Joseph Knight
Mary Ann Lomonaco
Marla Maritzer
Melissa Marr
Robert Peacock
Jannie Wolff